Building an ecosystem to advance BNCT as an effective and convenient treatment modality

Founded by Deerfield Management

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Our team is comprised of leaders in drug development, operations and business development who are committed to advancing boron neutron capture therapy and expanding access to this promising modality to patients in the U.S. We are based at Cure., a healthcare innovation campus in New York City.

Leadership Team
Dave Greenwald, Ph.D.

CEO and Board of Directors

Andrew Stamford, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Holly plant close-up thumbnail image
Holly Schachner

Chief Medical Officer

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Tori Fleek, MBA

Business Development Lead

Supported by Deerfield Discovery and Development (“3DC”) and Deerfield External Operations

Aviko is supported by a team of drug development and operations professionals from Deerfield Management. The Deerfield 3DC team provides integrated drug development capabilities from early-stage drug discovery through pre-clinical testing and into human clinical trials. The Deerfield external operations team provides a range of financial and business development support to Aviko.

Anthony Barsotti, Ph.D.

3DC – Senior Director, Preclinical Pharmacology

Ankita Shah, Ph.D.

3DC – Principal Scientist, Drug Product Development

Christine Brideau

3DC – Vice President, Preclinical Pharmacology

Ivo Lorenz, Ph.D.

3DC – Head of Biologics & Research Partnerships

JoAnn Scatina, Ph.D.

3DC – Scientific Fellow

John Limanto, Ph.D.

3DC – Executive Director, Process Chemistry

Jonathan Simansky, MBA

Deerfield External Operations

Michael Farrell

Deerfield External Operations – Head of Portfolio Company Operations

Zhiqiang Yang, Ph.D.

3DC – Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry